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85-220 Vac, 0.5-7 W
(0->500 lumens)
Automatic on-off

Flexible Applications
(Pathways, Laneways, Stairways)

Fasten under hand-railing or on bollards.
"Daisy-chain" for long runs.
Mount under building eves to highlight
laneway, walkway, patio or wall-wash.
Pole mount for lanes and roads.


"Wall Washer"
Can't see the lamp? That's the point! We should see the illuminated area and not the light source. The CSbG-EcoLight can be used for a smaller target area than the CSbG-Luminaire. It also has the adjustable-brightness feature to suit a wide range of applications at about half the cost of the larger CSbG-Luminaire.
On the right, the same CSbG-EcoLight is mounted at 1-meter high and spaced at 5X the mounting height. A closer spacing (4 mounting heights) requires more luminaires, but will provide more uniform illumination. Competing fixtures may be cheaper but may require a luminaire every 1-2 meters, so the CSbG-EcoLight system-level cost will be much cheaper, and uses significantly less power. (Simulated to show what you see.)